Michael Walter

Prof. Dr. Michael Walter
Chair of Quantum Information
Faculty of Computer Science and
Cluster of Excellence CASA
E-Mail: michael.walter@rub.de
WWW: qi.rub.de/walter
Tel: +49 (0)234 32-28555
Office: MC 1.89


Appointments and Education

since 2022 Ruhr University Bochum, Faculty of Computer Science and CASA Cluster of Excellence
Full Professor (W3, Chair) of Quantum Information
2017-2021 University of Amsterdam (KdVI, ITFA, ILLC) and QuSoft Research Center
Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
2014-2017 Stanford University
Postdoctoral Scholar
2010-2014 ETH Zurich, Dr. sc. (Doctor of Sciences)
Thesis: Multipartite Quantum States and their Marginals. Advisor: Matthias Christandl.
2005-2010 University of Karlsruhe (KIT) & Georg–August-University Göttingen, Dipl. Math.,
after undergraduate studies in mathematics and computer science
Thesis: Equivariant geometric K-homology with coefficients. Advisor: Thomas Schick.


Recent Talks

  • “Approximate QCAs and a converse to the Lieb-Robinson bounds”, Banff 2021, SwissMAP 2024 [pdf]
  • “Combinatorics meets computation - and quantum information”, 24 Hours of Combinatorial Synergies 2023 [pdf]
  • “Tensor Networks, Fundamental Theorems, and Computional Complexity”, Weizmann/ICMAT/Princeton 2023 [pdf]
  • “Symmetries of Computational Problems and Optimization”, Abel Prize Laureates Lectures 2022 [pdf] [video]
  • “Quantum Information and Spacetime”, Strings 2022 [pdf] [video]
  • “Noncommutative Group Symmetries and Optimization”, Oberwolfach 2021 [pdf]
  • “Hidden Symmetries II: Noncommutative Duality, Geodesic Convexity, Polytopes”, Berkeley 2021 [pdf] [video]
  • “Quantum Brascamp-Lieb inequalities”, IPAM 2021 [video], ICMP 2021 [pdf] [video]
  • “Maximum likelihood estimation for tensor normal models”, Firenze 2021
  • “Fun with Replicas & Holographic Tensor Networks”, Perimeter 2020 [video]
  • “Tensors, invariants, and optimization”, Leipzig 2019, Berkeley 2019, Berlin 2020, Chennai 2020, Perimeter 2020 [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
  • “Quantum circuits for the Dirac field in 1+1 dimensions”, AEI 2019, Stanford 2019, YITP 2019 [pdf] [video] [pdf] [pdf]
  • “Quantum marginals, invariants, and non-commutative optimization”, Leiden 2019, SIAM-AG 2019 [pdf] [pdf]
  • “Quantum Marginals, Entanglement, and Symmetries”, DPG 2019 [pdf]
  • “An invitation to tensor networks”, IAS 2018 [video]
  • “Quantum Information and Holography”, DESY 2018 [pdf] [video]
  • “Schur-Weyl Duality for the Clifford Group: Property testing, de Finetti representations, and a robust Hudson theorem”, QIP 2018, Boulder 2018, Bad Honnef 2018 [pdf] [video] [pdf] [pdf]
  • “Quantum entanglement and space-time”, Groningen 2018 [video]
  • “Convexity, marginals, and moment polytopes”, IAS 2018 [pdf] [video]
  • “Introduction to Quantum Programming”, QuSoft 2018
  • “Quantum marginal problem, tensor scaling, and invariant theory”, NMC 2018 [pdf]
  • “Rigorous entanglement renormalization from wavelets”, KITP 2017, Caltech 2017, AEI 2018, Amsterdam 2018, GGI 2018 [pdf] [video] [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
  • “When is a quantum state a stabilizer state?”, QuSoft 2017, QuTech 2018 [pdf]
  • “Bulk reconstruction, error correction, and recovery maps”, KITP 2017 [video]
  • “Tensor network models of holography”, DESY 2017
  • “When is a state a stabilizer state? Testing stabilizer states with six copies”, CWI 2017
  • “Tensors and Quantum Physics”, Auburn 2017 [video]
  • “Multiparty entanglement, random codes, and quantum gravity”, Coogee 2017 [pdf], “Multipartite entanglement in toy models of holography”, Simons Center for Geometry & Physics 2016 [pdf] [video]
  • “Entanglement in random tensor networks”, Georgia Tech 2016 [pdf]
  • “Holographic duality from random tensor networks”, MIT 2015, KITP 2016, Cologne 2016, IQC 2016 [pdf] [pdf] [video] [other]
  • “Moment polytopes & computational complexity”, Berkeley 2015 [pdf]
  • “The Holographic Entropy Cone”, ETHZ, Caltech, CRM 2015; QIP 2016 [pdf short] [video] [pdf long]
  • “Kronecker coefficients and complexity theory”, Dartmouth 2015, Rome 2016 [pdf]
  • “Topologically ordered models in higher dimensions”, QGQIT 2015 [pdf]
  • “Random Quantum Marginals”, IAS 2014 [video]
  • “A Heisenberg Limit for Quantum Region Estimation”, ISIT 2014 [pdf]
  • “The Quantum Marginal Problem”, DPG Spring Meeting 2014 [pdf]
  • “Entanglement Polytopes”, QIP 2013; QSIT Lunch Seminar [pdf] [video] [science] [pdf] [explorer]
  • “Quantum Entropies and Representation Theory”, IHES 2013 [pdf]
  • “Computing Multiplicities of Lie Group Representations”, FOCS 2012 [pdf] [video]
  • “Quantum State Tomography of 1000 Bosons”, SPS Meeting 2012 [pdf]
  • “Quantum Marginals and Classical Moments”, IMS 2013 [pdf]
  • “Eigenvalue Distributions of Reduced Density Matrices”, ICMP 2012 [pdf]

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