Seminar Quantum Algorithms (Summer 2023)

Type: Seminar
Programs: BSc & MSc CS, ITS, AI
Organizers: Michael Walter, Samuel Crew, David Gross (Cologne), Tanmay Singal (Cologne), Vahideh Eshaghian (Cologne)
Time and Place: Tue 16:00-18:00 (MC 1.84)
First meeting: Apr 4
Credits: 3 CP
Contact time: 2 SWS
Language: English
Course number: 211119
Links: Moodle, VVZ

Course Description

In this seminar we will discuss quantum algorithms beyond Grover and Simon. It is aimed at students who have taken a first course in quantum computing, information, or similar, such as this one. We particularly recommend it as preparation for a thesis project in one of these areas.

The seminar will be run collaboratively between Bochum and Cologne, and we will encourage collaboration between these sites, as well as for CS students to team up with Physics students.


Date Agenda
April 4 Kick-off
April 11 Q&A
April 18 Q&A
April 25 Universality and Solovey-Kitaev Theorem (Alex)
May 2 Grover (Ben) + Simon (Oliver)
May 9 Quantum Simulation (Yun)
May 16 QFT and Application (Julia)
May 23 Kuperberg (Mykhailo)
May 30 No seminar (Pentecost)
June 6 Convex optimization (Niklas)
June 13 Biology (Denis)
June 20 Variable-time search (Amalia)
June 27 De-quantization (Felix)
July 4 Quantum walks (Kaniuar)
July 11 ZX calculus (Nikkin)

Your talk should be around 45 min (30 min if you are a BSc student) – excluding questions. Expect at least an additional 30 min of questions and discussions. For more information, such as references, points of contact, etc., please see Moodle.

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