Vladimir Lysikov

Dr. Vladimir Lysikov
Postdoctoral Researcher
E-Mail: vladimir.lysikov@rub.de
Office: MC 1.86

Research interests

I am interested in algebraic and geometric methods in theoretical computer science. My work is mostly focused on applications of representation theory and algebraic geometry to the study of tensors and relations between them. Tensors provide a unified language for the description of various objects. For example, reductions between multilinear problems in algebraic complexity, SLOCC entanglement transformations between multipartite states in quantum information theory, and some relations between multipartite hypergraphs in combinatorics can be described using the same mathematical constructions involving tensors.


  • Некоторые вопросы теории сложности билинейных отображений
    [Some problems in the complexity theory of bilinear maps]
    В. В. Лысиков [V. Lysikov]
    Диссертация к.ф.-м.н., МГУ, 2014 [Doctoral thesis, Moscow State University, 2014]
    In Russian

  • Порождение двоичных последовательностей с помощью регистров сдвига малой степени
    [Generation of binary sequences with feedback shift registers of low degree]
    В. В. Лысиков [V. Lysikov]
    Дипломная работа, МГУ, 2010 [Diploma thesis, Moscow State University, 2010]
    In Russian

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