Lecture Advanced Quantum Information and Computation (Summer 2024)

Type: Lecture with Exercises
Programs: MSc CS, ITS, AI, Mathematics
Lecturers: Michael Walter, Simon Schmidt
Teaching Assistants: TBD
Time and Place: Lectures: Wed 10-12 (MC 1.54)
Exercises: Thu 12-14 (MC 1.54) - as an exception, in the first week the exercises will happen on Friday 12-14 instead!
First meeting: Apr 10
Credits: 5 CP
Contact time: 2+2 SWS
Language: English
Course number: 211103
Links: Moodle, VVZ

Interested in this course? If you plan on participating, please kindly sign up on Moodle so that we know how many people to expect.

Course Description & Syllabus

TLDR: 🙌 If you enjoyed last semester’s course, then you will have a fantastic time in this course as well! 🙌

This topical course is meant as a follow-up to our introductory course Quantum Information and Computation and aimed at students interested in deepening their knowledge in this area. We plan to cover selected topics in quantum information and computation. This could include: How to model quantum channels, analyze nonlocal games, design quantum algorithms and cryptographic protocols, and obtain insights into which problems are easy and which are likely hard even for quantum computers.

Students interested in a Master’s project in quantum information, computing, cryptography, etc. are particularly encouraged to participate. This course should be of interest to students of computer science, mathematics, physics, and related disciplines.


Successful participation of Quantum Information and Computation (or an equivalent course).


Lecture notes, video recordings, and pointers to the literature will be provided.

Learning outcomes

You will learn fundamental concepts, algorithms, and results in quantum information and computation that go beyond a first course. You will be prepared for a research or thesis project in this area.

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