Seminar Algebra, Algorithms, Complexity (Summer 2023)

Type: Graduate Seminar (Oberseminar)
Lecturers: Deniz Kus, Markus Reineke, Michael Walter
Time and Place: Tue 12:00-14:00, IA 1.53
First meeting: April 18
Contact time: 2 SWS
Language: English
Course number: 150902
Links: VVZ

Course Description

We will discuss interesting algebraic problems (about quivers, tensors, stability, orbit closures, invariants, moment cones, etc.), their interpretations and applications in other disciplines (e.g. theoretical computer science, statistics, quantum information, …), algorithms for their solution (in particular, how analytical ideas can help solve algebraic problems), and complexity-theoretic barriers.

Attendance of Master’s and PhD students with a background in algebra or similar is warmly welcome – please get in touch for more information or just come by the seminar. Please also get in touch if you are interested in participating remotely.


Date Agenda Literature
April 18 Panorama talk on interplay of algebra, complexity, optimization (Michael)  
April 25 Panorama talk on quivers (Maria)  
May 2 Computational problems & GIT setup (Harold) 1910.12375, Sections 1 + 3.1
May 9 GIT made quantitative (Michael) 1910.12375, Sections 3.1 + 3.4
May 16 Geodesic convexity & gradient descent (Markus) 1910.12375, Sections 3.2 + 3.3 + 4
May 23 Hard problems about tensors (Vladimir) 1911.02534
May 30 No seminar (Pentecost)  
June 6 Brascamp-Lieb: quivers, operator scaling, polyhedron, problems (Akshay)  
June 13 Panorama talk about moduli spaces for theoretical computer scientists (Markus)  
June 20 No seminar  
June 27 Linear-algebraic expansion (Deniz) 2202.07334, 2212.13154
July 4 Algorithm for Harder–Narasimhan filtrations (Timm) 2111.06428
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